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Alientech Academy is developed and organized to offer, for those who want to work in the chiptuning world, the right specific knowledge to become independent in the use of the Alientech tools and software, so to get the best from your work. At the end of the course, an attendance certificate is given as proof of the acquired expertise.


Thousands of “Chiptuners in Training”

During these years, our Academy has welcomed thousands of people from all over the world who decided to follow our deepenings.
Also thanks to their feedback we have gradually modified our training offers, to provide a complete knowledge either practical or theoretical.



Training is essential for those who start or who want to improve their technical skills, up to an advanced and professional level of chiptuning know-how. 

For this reason, we have developed a complete and modular training range, offering basic information for aspiring trainers as well as the most advanced knowledge for industry professionals.

Training will be held by highly specialized and constantly updated personnel, to guarantee the best possible support. At the end of each course, a certificate of participation will certify the new level of knowledge.

Following the courses of the basic level, you will be able to acquire the basic knowledge to take the first steps in the world of chiptuning. Concepts such as remapping and calibration will become familiar; you will find out everything about the engine control unit: structure and main components; You will learn how to use Alientech tools and software.
Basic Level
If you choose to attend the advanced level courses, you want to deepen your knowledge on petrol and diesel engines. You will learn in detail the operation of the new generation ECUs and you will see how to develop a modified file on different types of engines. At the end, you will work autonomously and professionally on the control units equipped on the most modern vehicles.
Advanced Level
The third level is dedicated to those who followed already the other two levels and need something more. The goal is to learn how to create ECM Titanium drivers independently. You will discover the most advanced and specific parameters to modify in the files of the control units, the data you need to create and add maps in the driver and the Driver Maker plug-in will have no secrets.
Expert Level

You can have one of our Trainers at your disposal for one or more days of individual training. A course tailored for you, with a training program set up for your needs. Or  you can choose to come to one of the Alientech locations where we organize our training courses.

Drop us your question & we will answer it 

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