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Personal OBD Programmer

Powergate3+ is the portable and touchscreen Personal OBD Programmer which will allow your customers to program the ECUs of their vehicles in complete autonomy, using your preloaded modified maps.

It’s a technological innovative solution that will help you attract new customers, even the ones far away from you. Set and customize the Powergate3+ and send it to a customer, wherever he may be. Don’t miss the opportunity to create a huge number and a new way of business!


  • Direct connection to the vehicle through OBD port
  • Able to store up to 5 different stages, in addition to the Original File of the vehicle
  • Poweragate3+ is completely customizable: this means you can create customized templates for your customers (logo, icons, language and pictures)

  • Poweragate3+ reads possible errors with DTC code, enabling you to erase them
  • Standard connection to PC via USB port to configure the tools (cables included)
  • You are independently able to select and upload your map into the vehicle


performance is in your hands

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