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Insoric RealPower


is a mobile & futuristic power measurement system for motor vehicles. Thanks to innovative measurement process, it's surprisingly easy way to measure performance output precisely and understandably without the need any special knowledge in advance.

Insoric in Asia

For Asia region, we make a ‘special calibration’

to fulfill the needs. We consider not only on flat

road but also on uneven road surface & short

distance to get an accurate data.

Module+wheel (5).JPG

What can be measure?

  • Wheel Power

  • Engine Power

  • Road Speed

  • Maximum  Torque




All devices are recalibrated accordingly to suit a climate and road condition in Asia

 Your Benefits at One Glance

  • You have the measurement skills in your own company and independent of a third-party supplier

  • You increase your sales volume

  • Lower cost compare to a standard dynometer

  • Stand alone measurement system

  • Measuring on the street or race track in areal-life environment

  • Also work with all-wheel drive

  • Cars with every power level can be measured

  • For a professional tuner, Insoric RealPower is a must-have tool to show performance has improved and to be able to compare and understand the tuning capability. Furthermore, it helps to grow sales and customer loyalty.

  • For a professional garage, it is a high precision  diagnostic tool. Insoric RealPower gives u a USP to outstand your competitors.

  • For a private car lovers, Insoric RealPower is a “heart rate monitor”.

  • For an operator of a dynometer, the Insoric RealPower is a great additional value for testing the powerful cars.

Benefits for various users

"We, are the exclusive distributor for Insoric in Asia & USA. We are dedicated to share the best Quality, Value and Service to meet your needs"

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