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Intelligent OBD Telematic Device


True Mileage OBD Device is a telematic device that collect the typical  record elements such as VIN, miles, time of day, hard brakes, accelerations, speed, error codes, etc. on vehicle. Our unique patented approach is to generate a compressed summary of driving data right on the device.  This summary of months or years of driving data enables a wide variety of powerful uses.




Accurate Disconnect Reporting –

Records and summarizes disconnect data, allowing insurers to easily identify drivers who may be intentionally disconnecting.

Simple Data Access –

The new intelligent OBD devices have been engineered to include NFC technology. As a result, insurers who prefer the devices are returned directly to them may tap the OBD device with any recent Android phone, which will download the entire driving data summary. No need for special cables or software.


Hard Braking Alternative –

Drivers in often complain about being penalized for hard braking because that is often a safe response to a dangerous situation. The intelligent UBI device provides hard brakes but also offers insurers an alternative measure called an Accelobrake, which is a hard brake, preceded by an acceleration. Accelobrakes essentially filter hard braking events down to just those where the driver likely contributed to the event.

Data Collection

For motivated insureds or for use in non-insurance  applications data may be simultaneously  downloaded, viewed, and transmitted using any  NFC enabled smart phone.


After tapping the OBD device, driving data will instantly be displayed on the user’s phone and stored on our server.


Compatible Vehicle


The current OBD device is for CAN vehicles only, this covers nearly all 2008 and newer vehicles with the exception of Tesla  and a few other all electric vehicles. Outside the US the implementation of CAN varies, so please contact us to better understand compatibility.

We have purposefully avoided compatibility with older vehicles because they are typically on liability only policies and premiums are too low to warrant acceptance in a UBI program, they are more prone issues, and to make devices compatible we would need to add hardware, firmware, and increased pricing.


Is driver privacy respected?


True Mileage OBD devices don’t include GPS or cellular modems that may be used to triangulate a vehicle’s location.  We minimize the transmission of speed data and do not transmit all second-by-second speed data like most other device companies.


"We, are the exclusive distributor for True Mileage OBD Device in Asia. We are dedicated to share the best Quality, Value and Service to meet your needs"

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